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"Restore Israel" is an anointed collection of both tradition and contemporary musical love for the Lord. Haddash’s soulfully beautiful vocal style is refreshing, and each well-arranged & produced song exemplifies why “Restore Israel” is one of the best we have heard. Billy Whitman, an anointed Jewish music artist as well, masterfully produced this awesome addition to the best.


“Avinu Malkenu” is greatly covered by Haddash, as well as “Shalom Aleichem”. Hold on as you listen to “Hava Nagila”.
Done techno-style, this timeless song receives a new dimension. Very refreshing! “Dreams of My Heart”,
recorded both in English and Spanish, has to be one of the most beautiful songs of love for the Lord
written in recent years. Haddash pours out her heart in this song, and during the entire CD as well.
This CD is a must for your Jewish music collection. It will leave you waiting
for what will come next from this humble servant of the Lord. Tov! Two Shofars Up!

-Phil Pearlman

Coming out with a fresh sound, Haddash releases her latest album, "In Your Shadow!" This album is filled with fusions of music such as you've probably never heard before in one album alone. Acoustic, soul, middle-eastern, reggae and even a little hip-hop will get you jumping for joy and encouraged at the same time. Containing a collection of Haddash's most intimate and upbeat songs about love, hope, faith and joy, "In Your Shadow" will take you to the next level in love songs to God with a Hebrew flavor, encouragement to the broken-hearted, and joy to all.
Featuring Rapper, RELENTLESS along with a few other talented singers and musicians, this is an album you'll definitely want to pick up!

-Beatriz Horrowitz

Dave and Mary Alper Jewish Community Center, Miami, FL

 A Messianic Jewish singer/songwriter who has traveled around the world bringing the message of hope and joy through her songs. She has opened on numerous ocassions for Messianic Recording Artist, Paul Wilbur, Phillip Stanley Klein, and has sung with Adam Ben Joshua and Billy Whitman, just to name a few.
She released her first album, "Restore Israel" was in May of 2007: "Restore Israel" is an annointed collection of both tradition and contemporary musical love for the Lord. Haddash's soul-fully beautiful voice is refreshing and each well-arranged song exemplifies why "Restore Israel" is one of the best we have heard." 
 - [ Music Ministry