From the recording In Your Shadow

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By Hadassah Berne

Verse I
Bless Adonai my soul, may His name be lifted high. He is throned in majesty and His robe all wrapped in light.

How many are your works in Your great wisdom You made all. My faith is in your Word and my serenity is You. Great G-d from up above it is in You I place my trust. I trust in You alone and in Your everlasting love.

Verse II
You made the moon to mark the seasons, even the sun knows when to set. The shining stars are in their place, in You the universe is blessed. Hey yea yea yea yea yeah!


Verse III
You make my heart to jump with gladness hey yeah yeah. Because of everything You've done. In you I live and move and breathe for You are everything I need.
You are my G-d. You are my G-d!

Written by Hadassah Berne
Recorded and produced by Robert Dante
Velvet Basement Studios-Miami, FL