<div style="text-align: center;">Send Your Ruach Ha Kodesh <br />
&nbsp;<br />
Chorus <br />
&nbsp;<br />
Send your Ruach Ha-kodesh to live in my heart <br />
Let your life be my life Yeshua Messiah <br />
Abba I want to be an instrument for thee <br />
Descend over me Spirit of G-d <br />
&nbsp;<br />
Verse I <br />
&nbsp;<br />
I don&rsquo;t have much to give you but I give you all of me <br />
When I lift my voice to praise you I want the world to see <br />
That you are the one I live for and no mater where you lead <br />
Ruach I&rsquo;ll always follow I&rsquo;ll be right here on my knees <br />
&nbsp;<br />
Verse II <br />
&nbsp;<br />
You spoke through your prophet Joel; you would pour out all of you <br />
Into every heart that&rsquo;s willing; willing to be used <br />
Oh Lord take me as a vessel; as a vessel in Your hand <br />
Take me, mold me, embrace me in the palm of your Precious hand <br />
&nbsp;<br />
Original Song by Haddash <br />
Musical arrangements by Billy Whitman <br />
Copyright 2007, Shir Haddash Music</div>